Loan Programs

It's important to find the program that matches your goals for BOTH the short and long term.

Our team selects from a wide array lenders to find what works best for your scenario.  

Conventional 30 Year Fixed Rate Loans

This loan is ideal for clients looking for long term payment security. The interest rate doesn't change for the entire 30 year period, making this loan a favorite for those buying a new home and refinancing.

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Adjustable Rate Loans

For the times when long term interest rate security isn't a priority and you only need the guarantee of a lower rate for short time.

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VA Loans

VA loan options are designed for funding loans with out a down payment requirements our qualified service members, distinguished veterans, and their spouses.

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Jumbo Loans

Loans outside the scope of conventional lending having loan amounts over the $481,351 loan maximum.

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Conventional 15 Year Fixed Rate Loans

The 15 year loan offers the same certainty as the 30 year loan in terms of rate, however the repayment period is cut in half. The shorter term means you will generally benefit with lower interest rates and pay less interest as a cost for financing.

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FHA Loans

Loans that are ideal for those with credit scored below 640, and those looking to purchase witha low down payment requirement. (FHA only requires 3.5 percent of the purchase price) 

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USDA Loans

Clients living in rural or suburban areas have the opportunity to qualify for a no down payment loan option backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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What you'll need to Get Started


  • Self-employed borrowers require last 2 years of personal and business taxes returns, K1s 1099w and/or W2s.
  • Salaried borrowers just require last year’s W2 and 2 paystubs.
  • Assets

  • Previous 60-day statements for checking and savings accounts.
  • 401k (in certain circumstances, additional assets may be required).
  • Proof of Insurance

    Proof of homeowner’s insurance to update lender information and ensure you have adequate insurance.

    For new home purchases, you’ll need to contact an insurance agent and provide them with details on the home you are purchasing. Based upon property tax records, they can issue a policy. In some cases they may need need a copy of your appraisal from us.

    Pay Stubs

    • Pay stubs covering the last 30 days.


  • For new purchases, we’ll need two months of statements for the account(s) you intend to use for the down payment.
  • For gift funds make sure you let us know ahead of time and we’ll provide you a gift letter for the donor to sign.
  • Identification

    The Patriot Act requires that we obtain a copy of your state issued ID or passport.