Let's Open The Next Door Together.

Get great advice, loan programs and support from a team with a proven track record of 5 star reviews.

About Us

A team of professionals that believe everyone should be treated as if they lived next door. Our founders and team members have more than 150 years combined experience helping clients all over the country choose the best loan program to help them accomplish their goals. We leverage each clients feedback as our entire team works to build a process with as little friction as possible .

We bring an experience-based perspective to each client and help them navigate the occaisionally daunting process from start to finish. 

We Use Cutting Edge Tech

We've sourced the most user-friendly tools from various mortgage providers all over the country in an effort to create the best process

We Carry A Full Product Line

Every household has its own set of goals so by default you have to customize and specify. We take that philosophy into everything that we do 

Best Pricing

We shop the available market at the time of interest to get you the best rate for the loan product that fits your needs.


Shop For Your New Home With Confidence

We offer many programs that are structured for first time home-buyers, we combine unique loan options with our compliance and customer service training to give you the well rounded perspective to make informed decisions. If this isn't your first home, we also have programs for Second Homes (also known as "vacation properties"), Rental Homes, and Multi-Family program options available. Loan Programs...


Rate / Term Refinancing  And Cash Out 

If you are wondering about your mortgage loan and if you can get a better deal, you can remove all of the uncertainty in just a few moments by getting the facts from one of our loan experts. Loan Programs...

Multiple Loan Program Options Available

Fixed Rate Loans

This is our most popular program for refinancing or new home purchases.  Offered in customizable terms from 8 to 30-year increments, your rate will be fixed for the entire term of the loan.

  • Fixed Rate over the life of the loan
  • Great for all borrowers
  • Allows for a shorter term to pay off your home faster
  • Fixed payment provides security

Adjustable Rate Loans

If you are planning on staying in a home for 7 years or less, an ARM program might be a great fit for you.

  • Lower initial rate and payment
  • Potential for rate to decrease over time
  • Great for borrowers looking to pre-pay their principal

FHA Loans

Backed by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA mortgages offer more lenient underwriting guidelines.

  • Relaxed underwriting guidelines
  • Down payments as low as 3.5%
  • Great for first-time buyers
  • Credit scores as low as 550
  • Offers ability to streamline refinance anytime in the future

Loans For Veterans

Loans for our active duty service members, veterans, and their families include benefits such as no down payments low interest rates.

Proven track record of  5-Star Google reviews

a review

from david garcia

To Zachary King

"Financing two homes at once in Calif!! Our experience with Zach at Next Door Lending was professional and very reassuring. My wife and I were really happy and impressed with Zach’s response and attention to our process. He never lost sight of what he first said he could work to do for us. During the entire process he would listen and work to get us an update. With our home financing in the past we couldn’t have been more happy or have had a better experience with anyone else. He provides wonderful client service."


FROM David Midlin

To Jonathon Haddad

"Jonathan was a class act from the beginning of the process. He was honest and I believe that if refinancing wasn't right for us he wouldn't have recommended it. He was with us every step of the way and we were able to do everything virtually and contact free. He saved us a tremendous amount of money and set us up for our next moves in life. Thanks Jon!"

a review

 from dj kenney 

To Jozi Lezy

"It was so awesome to have Jozi during the whole process. She was always helpful and always responded right away. She explained everything so that I understood. I was at ease with her. Can’t say enough about my experience with Jozi! You would be lucky to have her."